The Inaugural Voyage - Winter 2008 travel blog

When we watch TV here the broadcasters have names like Boo and Sonny. We had to drive 12 miles to a grocery store and passed nine churches along the way. We must be in rural Georgia!

As a navigationally impaired person I rely greatly on the GPS to move between one campground and another. Our current spot had one address in the campground guide and a somewhat different one on their web site. Our GPS did not recognize either one. Ken went online and got GPS coordinates for the location, but when I put them in the GPS, they did not match the driving directions at all. Women are not afraid to ask for directions, so I phoned the campground. Apologetically, they agreed that neither of their addresses work in anyone's GPS and that campers have given them a variety of different GPS coordinates after they finally got here, but none of them seem to help either. It's as if they are in the Bermuda Triangle! We got here by following the directions in our campground book which took us down narrow two lane roads without shoulders. However, this was less nerve racking than parts of the drive on the interstate today, when we were passed by wide load trucks carrying cabin cruisers and mobile homes that took up an extra half lane going 70mph.

The weather is still mild, but we hear that nasty storms are coming tomorrow. We carefully selected a site without trees to fall on us and with lots of gravel so we won't get stuck after inches of rain. Hope all those precautions end up being unnecessary.

One of the advantages of having a large motor home is having the space to bring things along. We brought three large containers of wood with us from home for camp fires. This well traveled wood has already been to Wisconsin and Michigan. In those states we were not allowed to burn wood that was brought from more than twenty miles away. They were worried about imported insects like the emerald ash borer. Then we hauled the wood all the way down here and around Florida. None of the campsites had fire rings and camp fires were not allowed. But tonight we finally had that long awaited camp fire - and s'mores to boot. Now we really feel like we're camping

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