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Prison complex

Prison cell ruins

Caught him but had to turn him loose

Eighth hole, over the chasm, wow

Big drop off, and I mean Big...

We arrived at our little hotel just a few minutes walk to the old prison and grounds where the most harden of harden, of the criminals or "crims" were housed when Australia was the dumping grounds for England's prison population. The owner or the hotel gave us flashlights (torches) to use that evening and tickets to go on the "Ghost tour" around 9 PM. I suppose that is when the spirits come out..... We settled into our room and then off we went to the old prison area. We toured the remains of the cells and the commander's home. He lived quite well and had a big home with servants. He and his wife were the elite of society in the area and expected to entertain the landowners. The prisoners were turned over to the landowners to work and earn their keep but the worst were held in really small cells about 4 ft by 6 feet and chained to the bunks at night. I tried one of the leg irons on Rick, but he didn't seem to like it, so I had to turn him loose. The harbour area was very scenic and we took a tour of the harbour on a small boat, which took us out to the edge of the harbour where we could just make out Antarctica. We also sailed around the "island of the dead" which is where they buried the prisoners because of disease and fear they wanted them off the main land. This island was the last home for them and some of them wished for death as opposed to the life they had to lead in the prison. To say the least it was not pretty.... We waited for the ghost tour and as promised it was a chilling experience. Literally because it was chilly and then we were told the prison ghosts sometimes caused drastic drops in temperature when they were near. One of the guides told us that they sometimes followed her home but had never harmed her or anyone that she was aware of as long as she had been there. Well we did not see one single ghost, and we were disappointed. I was waiting for the apparition to appear and scare me, or at least make the hair on my neck stand up. But all was quiet on the ghostly front that night. Bright and early the next morning and I do mean early "o-dark thirty" we went up the road to an incredible golf course we found that had a par 3 over a chasm and the ocean. Rick made it after three tries, I gave up. So after that we headed on down to Hobart to check into a big hotel, casino, and a little "taste of Tassie". This is a big seafood festival that is held here every year as the Sydney to Hobart race ends and the celebration then continues on thru the New Year. Hobart is one of the first cities in the world to celebrate the New Year and it was packed with people. The sea food was excellent but too many people... We wandered the streets and took in the view of the sailboats but were soon bored with the crowds. We could not get a reservation in Hobart for New Years so we headed on West to a little Bed and Breakfast in a small town on the river called New Norfolk. A very small town.. But it was the best New Years and I will tell all in the next part of my sagas.

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