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We just had to check out Quatzite, Az. Another great mecca for snowbirds. They have the largest Gem and Mineral show. They also have the largest Rv show and a huge swap meet. Quartzite is just a crossroads through the summer and a thriving RV city in the winter. Probably about 75% of the people staying in the main area around town have a booth of some kind selling something or other. You could walk for days and not see everyone's booth. Of course we did find a couple of things we couldn't live without and at a very decent price. All in all, we felt that Quartzite wasn't as large as we heard about, but there was still a lot going on and a lot of happy campers.

We also spent some time offroad in the desert with the Jeep. There are thousands of trails through the desert for Atv's and whatever you dare take out there. The desert is not all sand by a long shot. Lots of rocks and sandy draws and cactus of all kinds. Many ways to get stuck out there in the middle of nowhere and everything looks the same everywhere, so a GPS is a must. As much time as we spent out there driving really slow and watching we did not see one critter. Critters just can not be very plentiful out here or we do not know where to look.

We are heading for St. David, Az. tomorrow, near Tombstone and maybe see some more stuff.

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