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Playa del Poo-poo...notice the giant iced teas...$5.50 each!

Becky and I decided we needed a change of scenery. We had heard that Playa del Carmen was more touristy, but it is also a bigger city than Tulum, so I figured more tourists/more space it all evens out to be just a bigger Tulum.... WRONG!

Becky and I took a first class bus up to PDC and slept the whole way. We found our way to a hotel that is nice, secure, quiet and had air-conditioning. After checking in we decided to walk around and explore this new town. No sooner had we set foot on the main drag, were we being pulled in every direction by shopkeepers trying to sell us their touristy crap. "My friend my friend, over here...would you like to see my silver?" "Young lady let me braid your hair, make you look like Bo Derek in 10." "Yoo Hoo honeymooners! Special honeymoon price."

Our heads were spinning after spending time in Tulum where there is such a relaxed pace of life, and now we were in a city where everyone and their mother was trying to get into my wallet. We headed to a beach bar and had a few piña coladas at a table right on the beach. We had to move tables because the people at the table next to us just kept bitching, complaining and gossiping about other people in their lives. It was sooo L.A. So we found one moment of peace.

We read about two different restaurants that were reccomended in the guidebook. One mexican restaurant was supposed to have the best mexican food in the Yucatan penninsula, and the other was supposed to have great Italian food and overlook an outdoor plaza. I went looking for the Mexican food place to see if it was open on Sunday. I ended up walking around for 15 minutes to look for it, only to find out it had been closed down. So Becky and I started to hunt for the Italian restaurant...another wild goose chase. The whole town is like a giant shopping mall...near as we can tell the Italian restaurant was bought out by Señior Frogs or Burger King.

We settled on another restaurant, Carlos & Charlies, only because we were starving at this point and it was right there. It was one of those "crazy" places with silly newsprint menus and all kinds of crap glued to the walls. Becky and I both ordered a Large iced tea, simple right? We were served an iced tea in one of those ridiculous Vegas style tourist cocktail cups, yeah the ones that are almost three feet tall. Our food arrived, very average, but not before all of the wasted, middle aged, redneck tourists that can't afford Cancun but still want to get drunk and obnoxious in Mexico started to climb on tables and take the shirts off of locals as they howled and "danced."

This continued throughout our entire meal, as the waiters blew whistles to encourage them.

We litteraly ran out the door after paying our check. We went straight back to the hotel to plan and figure out how to get the hell out of this town and where to go to. As soon as we finish writing this, Becky and I are hopping on a bus to Puerto Morelos, 20 miles north of here. The population of the city is 831. We plan to live out the rest of our vacation in peace and quiet.

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