Nova Scotia Fall 2007 travel blog


Cabot Landing

Where Cabot supposedly landed

The beach where he landed in 1497

We stopped for lunch at Cabot Landing Park

On the top of the world

Winding dirt road to the campsite at the end of the world

Meatcove - the campsite in the middle of the middle of nowhere

Meatcove beach

This is where we are on Cape Briton Island

The community of Meatcove

Camping on the edge (there is a 100 ft drop 8 feet...

A school of fish

Hi from Meatcove

The head at Meatcove

Meatcove farewell

October 3, Wednesday

Wednesday dawned and we decided to go to the "campground at the top of the world" at Meat Cove. "Wow" - in spades! We camped on the edge of a cliff overlooking the ocean as far north in Nova Scotia as you can get.

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