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Pinnacles National Monument

Not too sure what this was!

My path...

Shoal of fish in Monterey Aquarium

Amazing colours of jellyfish

Ethereal jellyfish

Between Monterey and Big Sur

Between Monterey and Big Sur

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Trippy jellyfish, Monterey

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Ethereal jellyfish,

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The fish really are that big!

So today I explored south of San Francisco. First I drove a couple of hours to the Pinnacles National Monument, these great-looking hills on the high chapparal. I drove by Carmel, where Clint Eastwood was mayor, but didn't stop to see if he had any more bullets in his Magnum. Talking of film stars, it is interesting to listen to Governor Schwarzenegger on the radio talking politics. He appears to be comparitively well regarded here, as he is a bit democrat for a republican. Very hot at the Pinnacles, but I did a great walk that involved at one point crawling through a talus, which is apparently a cave formed by boulders roofing over a narrow canyon.

Then I drove to Monterey and to the famous Aquarium there. Not usually my sort of thing, but it came highly recommended both by my hosts and by Lonely Planet, and deservedly so as it turned out, as it was brilliant. The tanks were vast, and lots of stuff was really trippy and surreal and fantastically coloured. The sea otters never stopped playing and the jellyfish were gorgeous. Well worth going.

And lastly I drove South towards Big Sur. The coastline was great, the nicest I have seen for a long time. As the cliffs started to get higher I decided I preferred them lower, and turned round and went and found a headland to sit on and watch the waves; incredible turquoise sea, giant kelp, crashing waves, blazing sun and light breeze, lovely coloured cliffs, etc. Lovely. And then back home to San Carlos. On the way back I was hoping there might be some more borscht, and there was. Cool! So tomorrow I head off to Yosemite and the bears!

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