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One big honkin motorcycle trailer

Can you beleive this thing?

As planned we got a fairly early start today. Perhaps I should clarify here; an early start for us is anytime before 9:00 AM.

The motel we staying did not have coffee machines in the rooms but did advertize a "free continental breakfast". The reality was that the office did not open until 8:00 AM and there was a line up of grumpy guests at the door waiting for their coffee and breakfast. The breakfast consisted of a coffee pot and a muffin if you asked for it. We decided to head to Espanola, 25 km down the highway, which had a Tim Hortons.

When we pulled into Tim Horton's we spotted a Harley with the biggest motorcycle trailer I had ever see. I decided to take a photo while Janine went in to order coffee. Well, the guy who owned the Harley came out as I was taking the picture and had to tell me all about his rig. It turns out it is a tent trailer and he even insisted on opening it up to show me.

This guy is traveling alone but has more stuff with him than I have in my house. In addition to the tent trailer, he has a 12' x 14' screened aad-a-room that zips onto one side of the tent trailer and a smaller add on room that attaches to the other side to house the motorcycle at night. He even has a carpet with him for the screened room!

By the time he finished, my coffee was getting cold and I was way too full of information on motorcycle trailers. In the mean time Janine had met another fellow on a Harley from Sudbury who was out for a morning ride. He turned out to be a retired RCMP officer and a very nice guy who gave us a lot of information on our planned route into Quebec.

We are definately the odd couple in Ontario with a dual sport BMW. 99% of the motorcycles on the highway are either Harleys or Honda Gold Wings, many with trailers big and small.

Needless to say our "early start" was quickly eroded away and we finally left Espanola about 10:30 AM. By then it was already getting very hot. The scenery was pretty consistant with the last couple of days however when we reached Sudbury the rocks, trees and lakes changed to just rocks and low bushes; no lakes and very few trees.

We eventually left the shores of Lake Huron and soon found ourselves running along Lake Nipissing to North Bay, Ontario. The scenery as we approached North Bay was slowly becomming more farmland vs. bush. After leaving North Bay we were soon into the Ottawa river valley. Farmland became more prominent and we felt we were finally "out of the woods".

Due to the 30 deg C+ temperature we called it a day early and stayed overnight in Deep River, Ontario at a very nice motel. Quite a contrast to last night and actually a little cheaper. Tomorrow we should finally get off the TransCanada highway as we plan on entering Quebec via a small backroad route.

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