Around the World in 69 Days - Fall 2007 travel blog

Keith and Susan

abacus with cash register


more crowds

neon lights

another view

Trick or treat. We are spending Halloween flying thirteen hours and twelve time zones to Shannon, Ireland. Our original flight on Virgin Airlines was cancelled due to mechanical difficulties so we have been reassigned to Cathay Pacific and by the time we leave Halloween will actually be over. The Cathay flight will be totally full due to folks like us and we have lost our specially pre-selected seats. Hopefully, by the time we take off we will be so tired we can sleep no matter how smooshed together. The Hong Kong airport has a nice mall connected to it with many theaters and restaurants. We were hoping to go to the 4-D theater, but by the time we went through the airline reassignment the last showing had already begun. Many of the stores were closed as well, which is just as well!

Keith and Susan

have left us to return home and after six weeks together we miss them a lot. Now we're just back to talking to each other and to the Irish.

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