Broadening Our Horizons - May 2007 travel blog

When most of the day is consumed with racking up the miles, it can be challenging to think of something worth commenting on at the end of the day that I haven't already written. We don't recall ever driving this route before. The rolling hills of West Virginia were lush. An artist would need an extensive palette of nothing but shades of green to duplicate the panoramas we drove through. Unfortunately, the weather did not inspire the photographer. Low handing gray clouds and intermittent showers camouflaged the full glory of this countryside. We felt lucky to find a shelter with a roof for our usual lunchtime picnic. It's also cool here, even more disappointing when we realize that it's sunny and 20ยบ warmer at home.

Our hearts have been warmed by the sudden reversal of gas and diesel prices. As soon as we bought our diesel truck three years ago, diesel prices rose and remained stubbornly and significantly above gas prices. However, on this trip we are paying $.30 - .50 cents less per gallon and get about 20% more miles/gallon than we did with a gas engine. The prices in Virginia were especially low - relatively speaking of course.

However, we are reminded that campground prices east of the Mississippi tend to be higher than those in the west. I'm not sure why - less land to go around? more people competing for the spaces? - but the end result is that we are not overnighting as cheaply as we did last winter. When we are at a campground that is a true destination we mind the higher prices much less, but when we just pull in and go to bed, we feel a bit ripped off.

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