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Early morning walk

Greek Orthodox

Roman Catholic


Leather shop





The old harbor at Hania


Snow on the mountains

Classic Greek woman



The road was narrow and winding

Goats on the road!



Donkey at the side of the road

Another fort at the sea

The water was relatively warm

The town of Tibaki had hundreds of greenhouses

On Sunday morning, we walked around Hania some more, but while everything was pretty much closed, the early walk in the semi-deserted streets was fun and a good time to relax from the crowds that we had experienced the night before. We left in late morning for a long drive over the mountains to the south coast. There were lot's of rustic villages that were clinging to the hills which made for challenging driving. A visit to another fort with a beach, a huge lunch (the Greeks don't understand a sandwich) and a long winding drive back through another range of mountains and we arrived back "home" in time for a very late supper, as usual.

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