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I'm back, well no actually I'm not, I'm off again, what I meant is I am back on the my travels and the journal again. I am sat at Luton Airport waiting to fly out to Dubrovnik, Croatia for 4 months. I am going out to work for Sunsail as a Flotilla Engineer, basically I go out with a flotilla of holidaymakers on their yachts and if anything goes wrong I am there to fix it, well thats the theory anyway. The pay is no more than pocket money but it's only till October time so thought might as well try it, got nothing to lose. It will be just like going on a very long exped. Sorry for everyone who I didn't get to see or speak to whilst I was in the UK but this last week as been manic. I went for the interveiw Monday and was offered the job the same day then asked if I could fly out Friday so I have been rushing round like a blue arsed fly. My descision to go work in a nice warm country was made easier by my drive to the airport this morning in the poring rain. I will endeavour to keep you updated of all my news. Oh just for you who don't know and that seems to be most of you, you can leave e-mails on this site.


p.s. check out thje sunsail flotillas website and the little video tyhen you will see why I'm going

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