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the big bull

cactus forest

Citiatapeti Volcano

Joshua Tree

smoking Mt. Popocatepetl

Although the high altitude made Oaxcaca comfortably cool during the day, we were wishing that we could have plugged in the electric blanket last night when temps went into the 40's. But Puebla, today's goal, is much higher at 7200 feet and we spent much of today's 220 mile drive climbing up. The high desert progressed through a variety of different cactus types, but we also saw the giant black bull sign, advertising beer I believe, that we have seen almost every day on every drive. There were tantalizing glimpes of what may have been snow on the top of Citiapeti Volcano. Slightly more ominous were the whiffs of steam wafting from the top of Mt. Popocatepl. This whole area is seismically active. A major quake in 1999 did some significant damage in downtown Puebla.

Most of today's drive was on tollway, most of it two lanes. We paid almost $50 to travel 220 miles. You do the math. When we considered the alternative as the truck climbed and curved through the mountains, it was money well spent.

We are camped in another strange Mexican version of a campground. Our site is right across the pavement from someone's house. They have a very nice jungle gym in the back yard which I just may have to go swing on. At least we are not camped next to the goats, chickens and turkeys as we were last night. As soon as the sky stopped being pitch black, this animal chorus began. It was a complex orchestration. The rooster crowed, the turkeys cackled in response, the goats chimed in and then everyone sounded off together. I was ready to jump over the fence and strangle those turkeys myself.

Tonight's sleep is also threatened, this time by fireworks. We are here on the day that Benito Juarez birthday is celebrated. He was the firt president of Mexico of Indian heritage and statues of him are everywhere. Frecrackers must not be illegal here. Not much is...

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