This was our longest drive yet for many reasons. We traveled 341 miles today and it took about seven hours. It would have taken a little less time, but when we left Rt. 87 to head northwest toward Great Falls, we took Highway 12 - a 100 mile stretch of God-forsaken road. During the entire trip, we saw about 10 cars total. So.....seemed like a good time for me to try my hand at driving the coach. The road was very narrow with no shoulders - but it was also very straight and as I said, totally uncrowded. As we stopped (in the middle of the road because there was no other car in sight)), there, right next to the coach was an antelope. I guess this really is where the deer and the antelope play. Got a photo although it is not the best.

Then....for the next 60 miles, Bob restrained himself while I got the feel of handling a 40 foot vehicle towing another 25 ft. Keeping it close to the yellow line was not easy for me, especially when there was a car or worse yet, a large truck, coming the other way. Luckily those were few and far between but truly, there was no shoulder to move too. Finally, I got the hang of it and eventually, when we crossed into a different county, the road got a little better with a shoulder that gave some comfort. After that, it was a piece of cake. Bob's version is slightly different, however and after he pried my fingers off the steering wheel- they were white from lack of circulation- he needed to get to a liquor store. Says I drove him to drink - any excuse. Of course, when we were about three miles from a town where the road stopped and we had to make a turn...I turned over control to Bob - no way I was going to try to make a right turn (more difficult apparently than left) with the truck attached. It was good to know, though that I can handle the coach at least on a straight or "easy" road.

Great Falls, Montana is the fourth largest city - but that is a relative term. We camped at Dick's RV just off the intersection between US 87 and Interstate 15. It was the most horrible place in an esthetic sense but for big rigs like ours, it was heaven - big pull throughs, cable, electric etc. They also had a coach washing service - hired college girls to do this which of course made Bob have visions of girls in bikinis or wet t-shirts. I don't think the folks out here have quite the same sense of humor as you guys at home. They didn't get it....and both of us had had the same reaction to the news about the rig-washers.

Went to the visitors center and then took the River Drive 12 miles along the Missouri River. It would remind you of Kelly Drive except that there are no buildings or anything else really along the way. Very open country. We went to the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center where we upgraded our Eagle Access Pass to the National Parks so that we can get into the forestry service run areas free as well. The pass has already paid for itself. The Interpretive Center was wonderful but we got there not too long before it was closing so we really couldn't spend alot of time enjoying it. We then drove to the Giant Springs State Park a mile down the road which is billed as the largest (in volume of water produced) natural spring in the world. It is also the world's shortest river traveling only 20 yards to its intersection with the Missouri River. You should have seen how clear the water was!!!!!

Took Dixie for a walk there. The river was fast moving (Missouri River) and high. Several fishermen were trying their luck. There were grebes and families of geese floating about as well.

Long, long day, but not too too bad. Bob did drink himself into a stupor though....just kidding.

I forgot to put the photo card back in the camera so couldn't take pictures there. Sorry too because it was pretty impressive - especially the falls at the dams.

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