Snowbirds - Winter 2006 travel blog

We've come here to Sherman just south of the OK border to attend an Elderhostel at Austin Collge and learn about food. We chose this particular session because it can accomodate RV's and fit into our time schedule. Originally we thought that Austin College was in Austin TX, but we've had to come quite far north much to our surprise. It would make geographic sense to head home from here.

Although we only came about 80 miles today, we drove with our hearts in our mouths because the temperatures continued to be below freezing and a steady mist coated the roads. Most locals drove as quickly as always and are not prepared to handle black ice. The TV coverage showed multi car pileups all over Dallas. Texan road builders are quite fond of building spaghetti bowl type overpasses and high up in the air they froze over right away. I know that it doesn't get this cold here very often, but we did see TV footage of a similar storm here in December. We can't understand why they spread sand rather than salt as we do. The sand provides traction for the first few cars, but then it is dispersed to the edge of the road and things get slippery again. With these relatively mild temperatures, a little salt would have melted all the moisture, kept the new mist wet, and caused a lot less work for auto body repairmen. As we came north the precip lessened and the forecast is for higher temperatures tomorrow. The cars around here don't have icicles festooning them like we do.

Our elderhostel group is quite small - about 14 people - so we will have plenty of opportunities to get to know everyone quite well. Only one other couple is staying in the campground with us. As usual everyone is considerably older than we are; one couple said they had children our age. Elderhostel attendees tend to be ardent fans. The woman we ate dinner with has attended more than 100. The couple camped next to us plans to drive on to Corpus Christi to atend another.

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