Helen and Paul World Tour 2005/06 travel blog

Anne and Den's local beach at Warana

Croc Hunter


Agro - the biggest croc of all

Lying in wait

Croc show


American alligator

Dumbo's all grown up

Love Bods

Who's a pretty boy then?


Cassowary side profile

Baby koala

Sprawled out koala

Got one that was awake!

Snooze time

Giant tortoise

Giant tortoise out on exercise


Feeding an ikkle roo

At arms reach

Tasmanian devil

Steve "crikey" Irwin

Taking a swim

Tiger show

You looking at me?

Anne and Den

Spot the family resembelance?

Here we stayed with Helens mums cousin Anne (who bears a striking resemblance to nanna Flo) and her husband Den in a town called Warana. Anne and Den live a stroll away from a gorgeous beach that they walk on every morning. There were surfers tackling smaller waves than what we met at Agnes Water - could we be tempted to try again?

We took a day trip to Steve Irwin's Australia Zoo where at last Helen cuddled a koala and although it pooed in her hand she still thought they were cute. Watched a croc show where they tease crocs out of the water with bits of food. Saw tigers playing and jumping into a pool of water that had underwater viewing that was quite a sight.

We are extremely thankful to Anne and Den who really looked after us during our stay and who were good losers at Liverpool Rummy! England 1 New Zealand 0. This website was set up using their computer for long periods of time so thank you so much.

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