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Where else but Spain, a street in Barcelona

A very cool church, that's name escapes me

Some very cool graffiti

Bizaro construction near the water in Barcelona

Cool sculpture

Temple de la Segrada Familia

It is hard to believe it's a church, work of art maybe

Definitely still in construction, there were cranes everywhere

Me, very happy to be out of the house!

One of the houses in Gaudi's garden, looks alot like the gingerbread...

Cool columns

again with the columns

Gaudi's house & me

Gaudi's cute little house

Crazy statue near the waterfront

St Josep Market, the greatest fruit salad around

Pretty colours

Meerkat anyone???

A very royal palace

Golden gates

Cool garden with crazy statues

A fancy street sign, with my Oma's name

Flying the relatively short distance to Spain was a novelty, not a bus in sight, which was fantastic, and we were in Barcelona in just a matter of hours.

We checked into a great hostel right near the train station that was like luxury compared to some of the dives we had been staying in. There was internet & cable, which in a couple of days would come in very handy.

On our first full day in Spain we headed out with a French Canadian guy who was a very enthusiastic tourist. He had been in Barcelona for a couple of days & felt it was his duty to show us around town. Unfortunately I had woken with a killer ear ache & didn't really get to enjoy the sights that we took in. We saw a church that's name escapes me, the Dali Museum, which was great & half of the History of Catalonia Museum before I had to head home to bed.

The next day I woke to find that my ears were leaking & decided that as much as I hate the doctor, it was time to go. The doctor sent me straight to a specialist, who after having a looksie in my ears with a snazzy camera thing, informed me that I had a nose, throat & middle ear infection & burst ear drums. Not exactly what I had planned for my time in Spain, but after that I pretty much spent two weeks sleeping on the hostel couch or watching cable TV, which I had to have so loud to hear it that I may have sent some of the other guests deaf.

After every few days of lounging I would get incredibly bored & give myself a sight seeing day. I saw the "Temple de la Sagrada Familia", Gaudi's church that has never, & may never, be completed. It was amazing, the detail was unreal & I guess the reason that it's not finished. From the top balconies there was also a great view of the entire city.

On another day, continuing the Gaudi tour, we headed to the place where Gaudi used to live, which has now been turned into the "Casa Museu Gaudi" & houses a whole lot of the awesome furniture design that he did. It is set in an amazing garden that I could have spent hours in. It was like a huge kid's playground.

After re-visiting the doctor & finding out that I would have to visit him again, I booked an appointment for as far in the future as was possible, so that I could actually go & see some of the country that I had come to see. Then we went & booked tickets to Madrid, sadly on a bus.

The hostel that we had booked was one of the mankiest thus far. Our room was more like a closet with 2 bunks in it & the bathrooms were constantly covered in a layer of water & filth - nasty stuff! Although this was a bad thing, it did get us out & about a lot more, as we didn't want to spend any more time at the hostel than was absolutely necessary.

We headed out to se the Museu Nacional Centro de Arte Riena Soifia art gallery, which was awesome. It has a huge collection of Dali & Picasso & after studying art history for years it is always great to see some of the artworks in real life.

The rest of our time in Madrid we just wandered the streets, which is always the best way to do these things as you always stumble across something that you never would have seen otherwise. We saw palaces & beautiful gardens filled with crazy statues & the weirdest one yet, a pet shop that was selling meerkats as pets, yes meerkats, the little crazy critters that stand on there back legs.

Next stop Morocco, which meant catching an overnight train down to the port town of Algeciras. You would think that being in a sleeper train would make this journey a little more bearable than those that we were used to, but in a bunk about as high as my shoulder breadth, with a nana hacking up her lungs every three seconds & smacking her gums for the rest of the time, it was an interesting journey to say the least.

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