Jerry leading the way to the show

Bobby & Elvis :-)

A sweet lady offered to take a picture of all of!

Bobby with his two sisters :-)

Jerry, Gloria, Betty, Liz & Bobby

Last one!

We had another great day in Vegas with family. We went to see the Mac King Comedy Magic Show at Harrah's.

King is a comedy magician who has performed on television specials, often as a co-host. He also appeared on the NBC The World's Greatest Magic specials, King taught the audience a minor effect before and after each commercial in segments referred to as the Mac King School of Magic. He is the only magician to be in all five of the network's specials.

In addition to the TV specials and Harrah's performances, King performs at more than 60 private corporate events each year. Some of his better-known effects involve goldfish, Fig Newtons, and a yellow raincoat he claims is a magic cloak of invisibility.

We all had a wonderful time laughing all the way through his amazing show. I am still trying to figure out how he did some of the things he did. It is a great family friendly show, we highly recommend it to all.

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