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My poor honey got up from his desk too quickly Monday evening & bashed his head into the sharp corner of the curio cabinet. Came soooo close to knocking him out and oh my, he bled everywhere! Scared me to death...I called Bonnie in a panic & told her to get in here quick as I couldn't stop the blood flow long enough to see how bad it was. She got here QUICK & was a big help! Thanks Sis! Anyway, he's just fine other than a big gash on the right side of his head. Even though we tried to ice it & gave him aspirin right away I was afraid he'd have a whopping headache. Of course he wouldn't go for stitches, even though it should probably have had 4 or 5. He's fine, just not very happy about it. He's got a couple of insurance appointments with two doctor's tomorrow to discuss their health insurance options. Weird timing, lol!

Update: Larry slept through the night just fine. He kept both appointments and one of the doctor's told him he definitely should have had stitches. We did clean it with hydrogen peroxide and are watching it closely for signs of redness, swelling etc. I posted this on Facebook right after it happened so many of you are already aware and have sent advice, speedy recovery comments & even a few smart 'alecky' responses. Thanks for them all! Larry appreciates it, lol :)

Not much to report around here. The weather is bouncing around in the high 50-mid 60's. It's quite cool after the sun goes down & we're in need of propane today for the times the heater runs during the night. I'm headed out shortly to try & locate a gift for Larry's birthday, which is Friday. I am at a total loss, as he says he doesn't need anything. What's that got to do with it I say??? Hopefully something will jump out at me but if you guys have a good idea please let me know asap!!

Son Jim & his wife Paula arrive from Alaska Sunday so we're looking forward to some visiting with them. And Saturday we're doing a joint birthday party for Cindy & Larry. Homemade chicken & noodles, yummy. We'll be here 3 more weeks before heading to Arizona for a bit. Wow, time is really flying. Seems like Christmas was just last week.

I'm still on the fence about continuing on with this Trip Journal. Guess I'll make a decision in the next few days. I appreciate the comments from you concerning that, especially Suzi & Tony! Thanks guys.

Well, better grab a quick bite to eat & hit the mall. Or, maybe I'll try Harbor Freight, lol! There must be something out there Larry wants or needs :)

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