Our first stop of the day was for fresh Bing Cherries, washed...

My mom loved taffy, this really made me miss her today. :(

One of many unusual shops in Bodega Bay

Another cool store :-)



The restaurants were all packed because of Mother's Day..

Harbor view

I chose the Lucas Wharf for my Mother's Day dinner..awesome!

We were blessed with the best table view in the restaurant..incredible!




Alfred Hitchcock

Another view of Alfred :-)

The Church

The School

Last one!

I hope every mom is having a wonderful Mother's Day. I feel like a blessed woman, I have two awesome children, four wonderful grandsons and a husband that treats me like a queen.

I had wonderful steak in Beullton, courtesy of Jerry & Kim..for an early Mother Day's dinner near Solvang. I have money from Vickie & Ed for another treat out, and I also had one of the best seafood dinners ever today in Bodega Bay. All the restaurants were packed. We rode around looking and finally chose the Lucas Wharf Restaurant. It was an excellent choice.

The food was incredible and it came with the best view in the house. :-) We got the corner table overlooking the bay. I watched sea birds and diving swifts while having my fantastic chowder and shrimp. They even had a senior menu with the smaller amounts and the smaller prices. Who could ask for more?

After dinner we did a driving tour of Bodega Bay. We visited Bodega Bay before and did an update about the movie "The Birds". This time I just enjoyed the area, I did add a picture of Alfred Hitchcock at the local store. :-) I hope you enjoy the pictures. Happy Mother's Day to all.

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