Kayaks in the beautiful Colorado River..

Awesome vineyards with mountains in the background...

We saw a lot of fishermen fly fishing..

Colorado is a wowser state..

More wowser views..

Our site in Colorado for the next couple of months.....

Last one, sunset view from our window...

We have finally arrived in Buena Vista, our home for the next couple of months. Today was another LONG driving day, we were determined to make it to Colorado before Easter. We drove another 330 miles through the rest of Utah and then Colorado. It was another wowser drive with the beauty of the mountains and the Colorado River. We saw a lot of fishermen fly fishing in the beautiful Colorado River as well as kayaks and rafters.

We also saw a lot of vineyards and fruit trees on our drive. The view of the grape vines with huge snow-capped mountains in the background was incredible. You forget how awesome this state is until you drive through the beauty again. We are camped in the middle of several of the 14, 000 high mountains with incredible views out our windows. We have several deer eating grass near our campsite, we are in heaven. Check back later for more from Colorado.

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