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What a Day! More later....


Most of the time we are very flexible with our travel plans, but when we are headed to Hannibal to visit with our kids and grandkids, we are sort of on a mission.

We had promised that we would be in Hannibal on March 28th and we knew that it would take us four days from New Orleans, if we stopped to see our friends along the way. We also planned to drive through St Louis on a Sunday morning, the earlier the better.

Therefore, we made some definite plans.

We have changed location on each of the last three days, so today would be four consecutive travel days. Not Good!

We awoke at 5:15 after a restless night of sleep, and the first thing we became aware of was the sound of rain hitting the roof.

We sat with our coffee, hoping that it would do its job of waking us up. It was only marginally successful.

We left the Valley on March 17th and of all the days since that time, today was THE Day. We would make it through St Louis early to avoid the heaviest of the traffic and we would arrive in Hannibal, get parked and set up, and we would see the grandkids and give the family some lovin’!

I was out in the rain getting things ready to go, and we pulled out of the RV Park just a couple of minutes past our planned time of 7:00 AM.

For the next 4 hours and 20 minutes we drove in the rain. That plus city traffic and a steady 20 to 30 mph headwind made it slower going and the fuel mileage took a big hit. We averaged only 9.0 mpg today.

We had an overall average of 10.4 mpg for the entire trip before today.

We stopped at Bowling Green, to fuel the truck and get a sandwich for ourselves. When I opened the truck door I was slammed with a cold 30 mph wind. I wore my heavier coat and a hat while I fueled up.

We reached Hannibal and the Mark Twain Cave only a couple of minutes after 12 noon today and then moved to the back of the campground to park and get set up.

They have had a lot of rain and the gravel is quite soft. With a narrow road, soft ground and a tree to maneuver around, it took me nearly 45 minutes to get the rig where I wanted it.

The sun was shining although it remained cool, while we set things up.

Marilyn and I both worked together and now we are all set up for the next couple of months.

Marilyn & I have both had a shower and now we are waiting for Jennifer and the grandkids to arrive.

Hopefully they will stay for dinner. It will be pizza because we don’t cook on travel day very often.

We are so glad to be here!

Life is Good!

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