Laurene's European Adventure 2006/2007 travel blog


church and clock tower

close up

mirabell square

more buildings


germans and lunch


random thing in the market




some other church

another statue

in the english gardens

horse police

oktoberfest grounds

Anikka and John, my aussie friends

John and his litre of beer

we had lots of beer

great german man

chillin at the hostel after

Checked into my hostel in Munich, same one I stayed at before. Went out walking. Saw the famous clock tower and a big open air market. Had some lunch at the market and then walked up to the english gardens. As I was walking along an egyptian guy started talking to me and I couldn't really get rid of him. He was asking me where I was staying and if I wanted to go get a beer with him. I kept saying no and that I was staying with Kerstin and that I had to go meet her soon. Then he busted out a really random question, "How much does a massage cost in Canada?" Told him I had no idea and that i'de never had one and then he tried to insist that I let him give me one hahaha. I kept saying no and he finally left me alone. Creepy! Checked out where Oktoberfest is held which is basically a big parking lot right now.

Went down to the bar in the hostel and sat with my beer all alone until an aussie girl by herself came and sat with me and then an aussie guy joined us and the 3 of hung out and drank more beer and then decided to go to a beer hall. The 3 of us had a great time at the traditional bavarian beer hall. It was so cool. We sat at a communal table with some older german guys. The one guy just loved us and kept talking to us. He bought us a beer that was really good. It was a really good night!

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