We saw a lot of vineyards and farms on the way to...

Beautiful vineyards in the area




The campground we came to check is $395 for a month..

It was a nice campground, but way to far to drive to...

The little town of Cobb Mountain

Last one!

We heard about a great campground high up in the mountains in Cobb Mountain, CA. We decided to make the drive today and check it out.

Cobb Mountain is the tallest mountain in the Mayacamas Mountains of California. Its 4720+ feet main summit is located in Lake County, west of the town of Cobb.

The campground in Cobb has monthly RV sites for only $395 per month. That is really cheap for California. The drive to see it was beautiful, but long and very narrow with lots of hairpin curves. We had a hard enough time in the car, and would never try driving that road in our RV. We did hear about another route into the town much easier for RVs.

The town was also tiny and the drive to get groceries would be quite a journey. It was not for us, but would be awesome for anyone wanting to get away high in the mountains for isolation.

Check back later for more from California.

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