We saw a lot of olive trees and olive tasting signs...


Arriving in Redding, CA

Our site on the end..

Pool view from our right side

Front view is a huge field..

Bald Eagle at the top of the tree

Last one!

We drove about 260 miles today. We saw a lot of olive trees on the way. We even saw olive tasting signs. That is a first for us, we have seen many wine tasting signs in the area, but never olive tasting. :-) We couldn't stop and taste in the RV, but would love to go back in the car and do so.

We will be in Redding for a couple of days exploring the Shasta Lake area and more.

We got a great site on the end, perfect for watching the birds with my binoculars. I have my hummingbird feeder set up and already have two hummingbirds fighting over it. I am still trying to figure out what kind they are.

Check back later for more from Redding.

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