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This morning Jan Hesselsweet picked me up at 4:30 a.m. to take me to Seton Hospital. She stayed until the surgery had been completed. She had brought two books to read while she waited. Dr. Geck extended the rods and screws to the two vertebrae above the collapsed one and down almost to the bottom of the original surgery. I spent the night in the ICU.


This morning I was moved to a regular room on the sixth floor, where I had a very nice view of downtown Austin. This afternoon Inge Rider, Virginia Staats and Dianne Bennett came for a visit. Inge brought a bud vase shaped like a swan with an orange flower from her garden.


This morning Martha Boswell came and brought a cute vase with burlap decoration and orange flowers. Late this afternoon I saw a rainbow in the east and decided to try taking a picture of it with my cell phone. That’s the first time I’d trying taking pictures with my old phone. It worked pretty well.


I wasn’t able to see the city’s fireworks show this year. It was held at the Circuit of the Americas racetrack east of town because of the construction at the Town Lake site where the show is usually held.


This morning Dr. Geck’s PA, Dana, ordered two more X-rays of my full spine to evaluate it. This afternoon Val White visited me. She had just returned from a trip to Las Vegas to visit her 102-year-old Aunt Bea.


This morning Dana removed the dressing from my incision. I was discharged at about 1:30 into the care of John and Karen Enterline. We stopped at Pecan Grove RV Park to get my mail and some things from my RV. John started my car to make sure the battery was charged; then they put the car cover on. They moved my things into their car. I had written a list of things to make sure we didn’t forget them. At the top of my list was my shower stool. On the way to my place Karen had mentioned that we needed to make sure we didn’t forget the shower stool. About halfway to Kyle, we realized that we had left the stool behind. Aarrgghh!! However, because I was out of pain meds, we drove on to Kyle to drop my new prescription off at Walgreens. Later Karen went back to pick it up.

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