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Today we boarded the train for bay. The USS Midway, a Russian Submarine, the India Star, and few others are anchored in the harbor as a sort of Nautical Museum. You are allowed to board each one. Some are free and some charge a fee. Did we enter any of them, no! Too far to walk. Too windy! So reboarded the train got off at the Seaport shops. Which was just under a mile from the depot and someone was grumpy and said that they must have torn it down. Then we rounded one last corner and there it was. It might have been mentioned that we would be staying overnight at Hilton so we would be rested for the trip back to the train station.

After looking in more than a dozen shops. Purchasing a a Saints fan only parking sign, a saints silver hat pin, and an anchor key chain , I asked if he was ready to head home. No, he liked the area and wanted to watch the kite contest. Thought he would like to stay for a late lunch. So we did. We ate at the Pier Cafe. It was on the water, they had those patio heaters, and he could see the entire bay. As we waited for our meal a Pelican hit the window next to our table. Everyone looked into the water to see if it was ok. The water had to be cold and it must have revived "him" but he swam a little before flying off and hitting another window on the corner. The little girl at the next table asked her dad if the bird was drunk. Maybe not drunk but surely brain damaged by now. Next a small navy ship was leaving the harbor and a fishing boat was in the way. They hit the whistle 5 times which is a warning signal according to my captain hubby. It finally got out of the way. Then a big yacht passed us. So not only was the food good it came with entertainment.

While walking back to the train we decided to ride the green line to the end and then take the orange line back. What did we learn about this route? Never go home that way again. The three lines merge and ten times the people are all changing trains. It take 30 minutes longer and the scenery is barbed wire, and the back of industrial buildings. I may never get him on the blue line. As I write he is asleep and dreaming of pelicans and the day he has to walk out to the USS Midway.

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