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final mountain view

hilly road

farm and factory

big beaver


overlooking the town

After driving 2,510 miles we have made it to Mile 0 of the AlCan Highway. We left the beautiful views of the Canadian Rockies behind and crossed huge expanses of emptiness. There were signs warning to beware of log trucks and caribou crossing. Near Grand Prairie, an aptly named town, there was a mixture of farms and industry. Coal was being mined and transported by train and oil was being pumped. Today's drive brought us down over 2,000 feet in elevation raising the temperatures enough to allow us to put the jackets back in the closet.

We passed the Giant Beaver. Canadians seem to have a thing about exhibiting giant models of objects and creatures. Last winter when we camped on Banana Street in our campground in the Rio Grande Valley, a fellow camper from Manitoba looked for any opportunity to bring the giant banana statue from his home town into the conversation. And we enjoyed the world's largest sand hill crane earlier in the trip. On a driving day it doesn't take much to tickle your fancy.

Once we crossed into British Columbia we were in the Pacific Time Zone. The sun rises at 4:30am and it's still light at 10pm. As we drive north from here, daylight will become an ever more constant companion. We're thinking about putting aluminum foil over the bedroom windows. With the sun so high in the sky, the cues that the day is over are totally missing. It's been tricky determining what time it is here. British Columbia is on Pacific Daylight Time. But the conservative folks in Dawson Creek want to milk the cows the same time every day. So in the summer they are on the same time as their neighbors in Alberta and in the winter they are on the same time as the others in their province such as Vancouver.

It appears that we have moved beyond the satellite dish's capability to download the internet. Luckily the service at our campground here is good. In the next day or two, the television connection will disappear as well. Back to medieval times.

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