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Katherine Anne Porter House

Auction Oak


This morning I headed to Kyle to dog sit for John and Karen Enterline while they are in Colorado for a few days attending wedding festivities. Their dog, Brodie, is a very laid-back type dog and doesn't require constant attention, as so many dogs do.

Karen had made several meals for me and left them in the freezer. All I have to do is heat them in the microwave oven. That's my kind of cooking!

Kyle is about 25 miles from downtown Austin. It has grown from a population of about 5,000 ten years ago to around 30,000 now. It's expected to double that by 2020. That's true of nearly all the towns around Austin.


This morning I did a little exploring around town. I've been through here many times as I've driven down I-35 but had never stopped. (http://kyletour.com/historicaltour.html)

I stopped at the old Kyle City Hall (erected 1912), which now houses the Senior Center. I went inside and saw some people either dancing or exercising, I'm not sure which. They have lots of activities with large attendance, according to the people at the Visitor Center.

Then I stopped at the Katherine Anne Porter House, which was her childhood home. At the age of two she came here to live with her grandmother after mother died. She wrote her first novel at age six. Ms. Porter placed the locale of seven of her award-winning short stories around Kyle. In 2000 the house was given a facelift and a museum and writer-in-residence was added. Tours of the house are by appointment only, which I hope to do in the future.

At the Kyle Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau I got some literature and asked them if there are any drive-through car washes in town. The lady told me about one at the big H-E-B center. Sweet Pea was in dire need of a bath because she was covered with the sticky substance which a certain type of aphids secrete at this time of year. I could hardly see out the windows!

From there I drove first to the Auction Oak a few blocks away at 204 South Sledge Street. Kyle was founded along the International & Great Northern Railroad in 1880. The railway was given 200 acres of land by State Representative Fergus Kyle, for whom the community was named. All business and most residential lots were sold and it was under this tree that the auction of the lots was held. An official Texas Historical Marker was dedicated in 1975.

Then I headed for the H-E-B. However, on the way, I saw an Exxon station with a Tiger Wash so I stopped there. I needed fuel anyway and was pleased to discover that I could use my SpeedPass there. I chose "The Works" which was only $8.00 and it did a good job.


This morning I drove down to the San Marcos outlet center to shop for shoes -- always a trying experience for me. I didn't find any that were even close to what I wanted. At least the trip wasn't a total loss, though, because I was successful in finding what I needed at the Hanes-Leggs store.

The heat and humidity nearly wiped me out but a nice nap after lunch in air-conditioned comfort revived me.


This morning I attended church at Immanuel Baptist, which is just three miles east on FM 150. The people were friendly. They had a guest who sang three songs.

Karen called me tonight to see how things are going and to tell me that they will be back Monday around 5:00


This morning I stayed indoors and did two loads of laundry. Late this afternoon, around 6:00, Karen called again to tell me that they were on the airport shuttle on the way to their car and that they would like for me to meet them at the Cracker Barrel in Buda for dinner. They had a few tales to tell about their experiences in Colorado, including a rain storm during the wedding. I'm glad they had a good time.

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