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Got up in the dark and walked 100' to the waiting bus by 5:30am thinking we need to grab a seat early, ha! When it pulls out at 6 we are 3 of 6 on the bus!! It is a school/chicken bus and driving the first half hour in fog-like cloud forest, tho the forest part is gone. Very eerie especially when it gets lighter and we pass a sign 'Cristo viene' (Christ is coming) right next to a big pile of logs waiting to be hauled away from the now cleared land. I always enjoy watching night turn to day.

Yesterday we were stopped 3 times by the police to check/write down the details from our passports. Today they just check our passports twice but at one of the stops we had to get off the bus and they checked inside our packs as well. Weird. The longer lines at the checkpoints were going in the other direction...for us we were mostly waved on thru. Because I think the woman sitting behind the driver with her young daughter is 'married' to the driver, we don't dally too much and arrive at Alport Mall bus terminal at 1:30 pretty much on time.

Along the way and in many parts of Panama we have seen more colorful indigenous women dress, more so than in Colombia or Venezuela and, in fact, more so than really since Peru and Bolivia.

They got our email at Luna's Castle and had a place for us in dorm 10, not our preferred 12, but not bad either. Nice folks here, especially Tony, who has been very kind and helpful.


This is just a very hot and humid city...in the 90's for both! I just don't feel like doing much of anything since within minutes of going out I'm ringing wet and sticky.

Since they have good internet and machines I find it most convenient to update as much as I can.

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