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Tea Withering/Drying at Pedro's - Our Guide on Rt

Sorting Machines - Pedro's

Machines/Conveyors Carry Tea to Bagging


Stages in Pedro Tea Production Process

Tea Tasting Lab & Expert Taster on Hand!

Tea Tasting Lab

Our 'Merry Christmas 2008' Photo - Pedro's Plantation

View Out Window at Pedro's Plantation Tour

Tea Plantation Valley

Another Tea Plantation

Pace of travel by public bus = 47 km/28 mi in 2 hrs - 2 lane snaking road thru mtns. At Peak Rest last nite we arrived in the dark so did not realize that when we'd awaken we'd be able to see Adam's Peak Mtn from our front door - clear blue sky, GREAT! Had tea & omlette, caught bus to Hatton (our hotel was 6 km out of town but you just stand by the roadside and wave your arms wildly) then next to Nuwara Eliya in 2 hrs arr at 11:30. After confirming reservations for next 3 nites(Kandy at Lake Inn & Village Inn in Unawatuna beach), we hopped a tuk tuk to Pedro's Estate Tea Factory. Pickers work every day, 2 bags @ 18 kilos. Daily they dry 16,000 kilo of leaves in dryers using rubber tree wood fires, turning the leaves every 30 min = 4,000 kilo of leaf tea. Five grades of tea produced(depends on the area of property it comes from), powder, Pekoe, BOP(broken orange Pekoe), BOP5, & dust. This is the oldest tea co in Sri Lanka now owned by Hayley's, a multi natl Japanese corp, originally started w/ 16 hectares in 1887 now 2,000 hectares in 6-8 divisions each growing different type of tea according to location/altitude/weather conditions. We had BOP tea at the end of the tour, best tea I've ever tasted actually. Took our Xmas pic there, great tour, much info: tea plant produces 3 yrs after planting, plant life 13 years. Tea Recipe: 2.5 gms tea in 200 ml boiling water steep 5 min.

Great clear air in hill country, no haze...a beautiful drive to Nuwara Eliya, saw 2 terrific waterfalls! Tea & vegies in stands all along the way: carrots, cauliflower, cabbage, beets, chard, turnips, lettuce, green onions, potatoes, tomatoes...

To Kandy: switchback after switchback - surrounded by tea & eucalyptus trees & pine trees...several more waterfalls...the Indian head wobble is alive and well in S.L.!

Checked into Lake Inn, arranged the tuk tuk to pick us up at 5:15 am for bus onward to Unawatuna.

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