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Elgin & Cathy

Linda & Carl

Hello to our friends from Llano Grande

It was crisp and cool this morning with a clear sky. We were in Tupelo, MS, preparing to drive to Sikeston, MO, and we pulled out of Barnes Crossing Campground at 8:40 AM, about 20 minutes earlier than we had planned.

We drove non-stop in the beautiful weather, and arrived at the Campground in Sikeston at 12:45, just 4 hours and 5 minutes after leaving Tupelo.

We passed close to Dyersburg, TN and I wished that I had the phone number for a friend who lives there. We didn’t want to stop though as we had friends waiting for us in Sikeston.

We called Carl & Linda when we crossed the bridge into Missouri. They asked us to come on over to Dexter once we were set up and ready to go.

The campground office was closed when we arrived and they had a sign on the door saying that they would open at 1:00 PM, so we just waited for a few minutes in the truck.

Marilyn & I had not eaten all day, so once we were all set up, we drove to Burger King and grabbed a sandwich and a soft drink.

After leaving there we headed west toward Dexter to see our friends.

We were held up a few minutes by an accident, but drove the 22 miles easily and arrived at the RV Park where Carl & Linda are parked.

After exchanging hugs we were soon seated in their brand new Mobile Suites, sipping a glass of wine, laughing and talking about things, from serious to funny.

Cathy & Elgin soon arrived and joined us and we enjoyed the good company of these friends. We had last visited with the four of them in the RGV, and had been there when they pulled out to head for Missouri.

I had to tease Carl about his sewer hose, which makes a lot of twists and turns, appearing to be about twice as long as required.

We laughed about various RV incidents which we have all experienced at one time or another.

We followed Carl & Linda, and Cathy & Elgin to a restaurant called “Fiddlers” where the food all looked delicious. Marilyn & I ordered the Catfish while several others ate from the buffet.

I came away absolutely stuffed! We brought home one fish fillet and half a dozen hush-puppies.

We took a picture of our friends all waving hello, so that our friends from Llano Grande can see it, so to all of them, that picture is for you!

I planned to stop at Wal-Mart to fill the truck with fuel and Carl asked us not to leave there until he brought us some BBQ ribs.

Carl says that they have two really special food places in town and the fish place was just one of them. He wanted us to have some ribs from the other place, and sure enough, he caught up with us again, carrying a sack of ribs. The smoky BBQ aroma just made our mouths water, even though we couldn’t hold another bite.

Don’t worry, we’ll sure enjoy them tomorrow.

So, now we are back at our own RV, relaxing with some March Madness Hoops.

Tomorrow we hope to be back with family in Hannibal.

Life is Good!

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