Michelle and Charlie's Around the World Trip 2004-2005 travel blog

Another one of Eiffel´s creations - the Iron house in Iquitos (and...

house on the Amazon in Iquitos

river view from only a few blocks away from the main square


capybaras at the local zoo

the beach on a lake

Iquitos- the motortricycle capital of the world

statue of a pink dolphin, creature that inhabits the surrounding waters

Iquitos is a very cool jungle town on the edge of the Amazon. Thanks to the hundreds of motorbike taxis it's constantly humming and when we were there the weather was sunny and hot and on the humid side. While we were there we checked out a nearby zoo which had lots of monkeys and my favorite jungle creature, Capybaras (like a big guinea pig that swims), Pumas, Jaguars and Paiche (giant fish found in the Amazon which Charlie also had for dinner one night). We also checked out the busy market and bought some delicious and cheap avocados and fried bananas and fried fish. We didn't plan to stay here long, it was more for the journey itself, so we bought a plane ticket to Lima for the next night.

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