We got some great views of Mt. Shasta on the drive today..

Happy to arrive in Oregon


This one reminded me of Alaska..:-)

The Rogue River

Our back in site right on the Rogue River..we had to move...

We enjoyed sitting and watching the river

We loved this little diner in town


Our new site for the next four days is HUGE!!!

View out our right side..

View out our left side..

Black Locust bloom

Locust blooms on ground like snow..

Cool bear..

Bloom up close..


Last one!

This is a quick update to let everyone know we have safely arrived in Oregon. We drove about 180 miles, some of it was very steep with a lot of climbing. We got up to an elevation of about 5,000 feet before flying back down. :-)

We have very slow Sprint, it is taking forever to add pictures. I will add more from the trip later. We will be exploring Crater Lake for the next few days.

More Added: June 3........................

We are staying at the Rogue River State Park. Our first site was right on the river, but we had to move in two days, someone had reservations for the rest of the week. We only paid $19 a night, they had some kind of Oregon State Park free camping day going on. It caused the park to be full.

We moved over to the F Loop, it has 50 amps and water, but no sewer hook up. The HUGE site made up for the lack of full hook-ups. (see photos)

We have enjoyed sitting outside and just relaxing. We could not get our Direct TV in because of so many beautiful trees in the park. We also have no WiFi. What a change of pace for us. We were forced to slow down and rest a bit. It was a welcomed rest. :-)

We have been running like tourist for the last few months. We have been on the road for four years now, sometimes we still operate like tourist and then we relax and take our time again. It was definitely time for the latter. :-)

After Crater Lake and a few stops on the Oregon and Washington Coast, we are heading back to one of our favorite places in Sequim, Washington.

Vickie and Sammy will be flying in to meet us too. Life is good!

Check back later for more from Oregon and Washington.

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