The walk to Seal Rock Park is like being in a rainforest

Another view




Sneaker wave warning and more...

We saw a lot of birds and a few seals

Someone left this behind

Next stop was Driftwood State Park

Beautiful beach with driftwood for miles



A cool mural...

Alsea Bay Bridge




Ghost Shrimp used for bait in the area...

We saw a rabbit at Beachside State Park

Check out this site at Beachside, it was booked for months..

Our next stop..





Jerry & Gloria at Cape Perpetua

Next stop...


Churning water..

Another view

Our new hood ornament :-)

He stayed on while we drove off..

He finally flew to another car :-)

Check out this site in Yachats, at Sea Perch RV...only $80 a...

Yachats State Park

Old Log Church in Yachats, it was closed today..

Beautiful home and flowers in Yachats


Cedar Waxwing


Two more Cedar Waxwings

Back to Newport Bay

Check out the shrimp shells..

Gino's for awesome chowder..



Jerry waiting for it to spout...

Here it goes!!

Last one!

We are having a wonderful time exploring the Oregon Coast. There is so much to see and do. We visited 6 state parks today, plus several small fishing villages and towns. Each of the parks has something special about them. You could pack a picnic lunch and spend the day at any one of them and have a great time. We wanted to see as many as possible, so we went from one to the next just taking a few minutes to see each for a quick stop. We did everything from whale watching to watching "Devils Churn" splashing water into the air to the "Spouting Horn" erupting from a hole. :-) (See photos for more information)

We had a great birding day too. We had a very friendly Gull who fell in love with us. He came right up to us, we didn't feed him anything. He jumped on our car and would not leave, even when we cranked up and moved. :-) He rode a bit on the hood and finally jumped over to another car. The driver in the other car was watching him on our car and she really got tickled when he jumped on hers.

After all the sightseeing, we saw a yard with some of the most beautiful orange flowers. I still don't know what they are. We parked by them to take some pictures and I noticed a lot of birds were eating the flowers. The flowers were filled with Cedar Waxwings. I got as many close up pictures as I could of them before leaving. They are incredibly beautiful birds.

Our last stop was for some delicious clam chowder at Gino's in Newport Bay. If you are ever in the area, don't miss their chowder. Jerry and I both agree it is the best we have ever had. Check back later for more from Oregon.

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