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A huge cloud of fog ahead settled into the trees and fields

Shiloh National Military Park

Does Mississippi look any different than Tennessee?? Or Kentucky??? Not yet!

Only seen in Mississippi . . .35 cents for a can of...

Tennessee-Tom Bigbee Waterway

Impressive welcoming sign at the entrance to Tishomingo State Park, Mississippi

The very attractive welcome center and check in area at Tishomingo State...

We had a lovely camp spot, all sites had access to the...

It was very pretty to look at. The tall trees gave us...

A nice, very secluded setting, hardly anyone in the park!

Had an inquisitive visitor rest on my pannier bag

More visitors, they were not shy about coming right up and checking...

And a visitor that maybe was not so welcome. Not really sure...

A church service is held on Sunday mornings. What a perfect setting

We did make it to Tishomingo State Park and I do have a phone signal so I am able to update my journal tonight! I did not expect it, especially after all the time we spent out of cell phone range the past week! Yay Mississippi!

The morning did start out with an oops . . . We missed a turn. I don't know how we missed it! But miss it we did! We were looking forward to the route taking us thru the Shiloh National Militatry Battlefields. Someone said it was so beautiful and historic. Stopped to take the photo of the sign and then just totally missed the turn! We were still in the park, but on the very outer edge and not where all the memorials were! Now as I write this, I can't help but think how on earth did we miss it? It has been bothering me all day! And looking back i remember the HUGE sign that said Pittsburg Landing to the left, and that just happened to be the name of the road we were looking for! Duh! We rode quite a few miles and came up to a Y in the road, I could see it on the map, but it wasn't where we were supposed to be!! We had to ask for help to identify where we actually were! It all turned out ok in the end, we didn't do any extra distance, just took a different route to the same place, so lucky us! It was still in the cool of the morning and the ride was beautiful! So it wasn't long before we were back on track!

We crossed into Mississippi early this morning! The only way we could tell was the immediate change in road surface! No sign! Darn it! The road changed from a quiet, smooth running surface to a pimply, rough surface that bounced everything around! We were pretty spoiled in Tennessee! The unfortunate road surface didn't last long, when we reached our next turn (yes we do manage to get it right every now and then!) We were on a main county road that was very nice, more traffic but very nice!

We stopped at the corner, to check directions of course before we set out and noticed a lone runner heading our way! Out here?? We felt miles from anywhere! She had to have been running a long distance! So we waited and it was so worth it! Cynthia stopped for a chat and it was hard to leave! We chatted long enough for the sweat to dry up on all three of us! She had been running for 12 miles, we had been riding and it takes another athlete to appreciate the value of sweating!! I know I had sweat dripping from the tip of my nose, my earlobes, my chin, my elbows! We decided people who live in this humidity must have the cleanest, purest systems sweating out all impurities! We talked about things other than sweat! Cynthia was out running with her running group, training for the Chicago Marathon! How exciting! We shared adventure stories, her adventures are like ours but on foot as she and her husband have hiked the entire Appalacian Trail and Cynthia is redoing it a section at a time again with a friend of hers! I love it when people just connect! Passed contact information over and finally said goodbye! I was aware of how annoying it is to be stopped when you are on a long distance run like that!

We went on our way and found our way through all the ups and downs of the day. The route took us about 20 miles down a smaller county road which always gives us more shade and the homes and properties were just so beautiful! I wasn't expecting it! I read something on a trail head sign several days back and it has stuck with me. It read "We are all stewards of this beautiufl land". I guess that is what I am grateful for as we ride past these remote properties that are so well cared for with love and pride! Especially when you appreciate the huge acreage of grass that is kept mowed! If we are lucky enough to call a little slice of heaven home, it deserves to be well cared for!

After our little jaunt thru the country side, the route brought us back to a larger more well used highway to get us the next 20 miles. It was ok with us as it makes the climbs more gradual and faster travelling. We had a longer day today so it was great to get some miles in before the day got too hot!

Reached the little town of Tishomingo, had to stop at the first gas station to cool down, replenish water and ice and cool Mike down with a Slushie!

Next we had to stop and get some supplies for dinner before we headed out to the park. We were a real hit in Tishomingo and could hardly get away because everyone wanted to know about our trip!! It was kind of cool!! It still surprises me that so many people are so surprised by what we are doing, so many bikers come this way but I guess everyone doesn't get a chance to talk to someone.

Finally made it to Tishomingo State Park loaded with good food for dinner, found a BBQ truck with what looks like great BBQ and a bag of frozen veggies, and ready to quit riding for the day! A great surprise from Cynthia and her husband Woody offering to come and get us tomorrow and drive us all the way back to Shiloh Military Park and give us a personal tour as Woody was previously the Superintendent at the park and then giving us a compfy bed for the night! Wow!!!! What an offer! But the logistic of getting us there and back seemed rather complicated so we have made plans to meet up in Fulton tomorrow! How cool is that! Can't wait!

In the meantime we are gong to suffer thru a night of tent camping in Mississippi. The park is very beautiufl, thanks goodness for the tall trees and wonderful shade, but can't do anything about the humidity! I think the low tonight is 75, its going to be a long night, but there was no other choice within a distance we could handle today. We did 65 miles to get here. At least there are no mosquitoes! I thought for sure that would be a problem but none! We are all set up, had our dinner and just waiting for a reasonable time to call it a night! Left the rain fly off again in hope of enjoying some breeze or movement of air! A slight chance of rain, and heard fog was in the forecast for tonight so it will be a moist start to the day! One more pleasant surprise . . .the bathroom and showers are Air Conditioned!!!!!!! Hot water and air conditioning! I am a happy camper!

At least I got to write in my journal, but you can't have everything, not enough juice from my hotspot to load up the photos! Always something but just so happy we had enough of a connection to write!

I got so many responses from yesterday's vodka story! That is hilarious! I almost didn't put it in because I thought oh, no one else will find it funny, one of those moments that you had to be there! But it initiated so many messages!!! Thanks everyone!

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