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Today a crew of street maintenance men came to Pecan Grove RV Park to repair the interior streets. There were a lot of shallow potholes where the paving was partly missing. This, I believe, is a good sign that the park will not be closed any time soon and all of us booted out. At least, I hope my interpretation is correct.

On the news report this evening I heard that my hometown, Seagraves, Texas, had had major flooding due to very heavy rains. Nearly five inches fell in just a few hours. I went online to see photos and videos of the area and couldn’t recognize anything! That was more than ƒhad fallen all year in 2011, due to the long drought.

We have had record rainfalls this week in Austin as well, with the usual flash floods around town. Our reservoirs are still very low, though, because the rains haven’t fallen up stream.

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