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The excitement builds!

Almost on, finally

Before reality set in!

A bite of dinner as the sun sets


It was with much excitement that we prepared to board the Spirit of Tasmania and head for that part of our country which lies overseas. Well, the kids were excited anyway ... the prospect of a night sitting in a recliner wasn't doing much for the excitement levels of the parents. Still, getting to Tasmania was a pretty cool prospect.

The kids had plenty of time to have their enthusiasm dampened with the queue of cars and caravans lining up at check-in taking a couple of hours to inch its way onto the boat. They did pretty well keeping it together and, once we were on and had our seats, they did a quick tour with Sal to check it all out and came back very clear on where the food was and where the cinema could be found!

After a bite to eat we headed into the cinema for the kids movie, Despicable Me 2. By strange coincidence this was the third night in a row they had watched this same movie! Not that it bothered them.

Then it was time to try and settle down for the night in chairs which are bigger, more spaced out, and recline further than economy class seats on a plane, but are still seats nonetheless. Will and Alice eventually got to sleep and slept fairly well. Pip had a fitful night, eventually sleeping on the floor but struggling a bit as she was feeling sick. Sal and I just did what you do in those situations - catching whatever sleep possible and trying to rest in between.

At 6.30 next morning we were in Devonport and driving onto Tasmanian soil! A little of the appropriate spark was perhaps lacking, and arriving in our destination for the day before we are normally awake for the day was a little disorienting but we grabbed some breakfast and then headed to the visitor information centre to see what we might do.

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