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Interior Of Depot Museum

Depot Gift Shop

Fremon & Elkhorn Valley Train

Engineering Crew for FEVR Engine No. 1219

Interior of Our Vintage Train Car

Our Window View

On Board "Stick Shift" Flushing Toilet

Another Excursion Train Window View

Hey - Is That Something Other Than Corn To View?

Oh Well, Back To Viewing Corn Fields Again!

The Phrase of the Day - "Keep Laughing To Keep From Crying"

From Pine Grove RV Park – Greenwood, NE

Our anticipation had grown for today’s 1920s vintage train ride on the Fremont & Elkhorn Valley Railroad. It was advertised as come and experience a way of travel out of the past aboard vintage rail cars on our one of our excursion trains departing Fremont arriving Nickerson and return with the round trip taking 3 ½ hours. Sounds good right?

WRONG! First, the train was to board at 1 PM, leaving at 1:30 after hooking on to some cars for those that chose to have dinner aboard while the train traveled its route. We got started about 15 minutes late and while waiting to couple with the dining cars, the guide informed us that the train speed would be between 6 and 8 MPH so the dining car passengers would not “spill their coffee”!

Next, the excursion view from our train windows was 99% corn fields on either side as the track ran through the middle of corn fields. At times I do not believe the speed was even the 6 MPH promised. If we had dropped something from the train, we could have jumped off without injury, picked up the dropped article, caught back up with the train and re-boarded without a pulse increase or shortness of breath!

Oh, I forgot we did cross two traffic intersections on each leg of the trip where several vehicles had to wait for this “speeding train” to clear. This gave us a chance to wave at the waiting vehicles….What a thrill!

As it got closer to 1 ½ hours into our “excursion” and knowing the return trip would be just a few minutes away we hoped the community of Nickerson would be a view other than “corn fields” in any direction you looked. Once again, WRONG!

We stopped in the middle of the corn fields and two of the engineering personnel walked past us toward the rear of the train and shortly, you guessed it; we began to go backwards from whence we came. No community, no depot, nothing but the same corn fields but this time we got to see them reverse direction!

Now, on a 3 ½ hour “excursion” one needs to use the restroom facilities at some point. Now this may have been the highlight of the trip – “stick shift flushing” (see photo)!

But wait, suddenly there was something out our window besides corn fields – We got so excited we just had to get a photo to share with all – see photo #11 it surely will make your day as it did ours.

There was a silver lining to this “excursion” – On the back of the ticket was a coupon for FREE FRENCH FRIES with purchase of a sandwich at Burger King. So guess where we headed after arriving back at Fremont? Fremont even had 2 Burger Kings to choose from.

Today was a STRIKE ONE, but if not for the French Fries it might have been a TRIPLE PLAY and the inning would have been over! Till Later………

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