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Skyline Ranch RV Park - Park Office and Club House

Skyline Ranch RV Park - Birthday Honorees, Ann Poole and Janie Cummings

Skyline Ranch RV Park - Business Meeting - Stuart, Marilyn, Janie and...

Skyline Ranch RV Park - Conversation Pit

Skyline Ranch RV Park - Betty Ray Wendler

Skyline Ranch RV Park - Bill Smith and Visitor, Dave La Marine

Skyline Ranch RV Park - Gazebo on Path to Medina River

Skyline Ranch RV Park - Medina River

Skyline Ranch RV Park - Ethel, Donette, Janie and Stuart at Medina...

Skyline Ranch RV Park - Ethel, Janie, Stuart and Glenda at Medina...

Silver Sage Corral Senior Activity Center

Senior Activity Center - Ethel in Garden Behind Center

Senior Activity Center - Paintings in Art Classroom

Senior Activity Center - Painted Saws in Art Classroom

Senior Activity Center - Quilt in Quilting Classroom

Senior Activity Center - Weaving Classroom

Bandera County Courthouse

Bandera County Courthouse - Amasa Clark Memorial

Bandera County Courthouse - Memorial to Cowboys

Bandera County Courthouse - World War I Memorial


All but one of our members had arrived by late this afternoon. We were pleased to have two visitors, full-timers David La Marine from Arizona and Carolyn Nottleson, whose daughter lives in Austin. They both are LoW members at large.

Due to the mostly cloudy weather, it was comfortable enough to sit outdoors in the nice conversation pit under a big tree behind the club house. We take advantage of cooler temperatures whenever we can!

Tonight we had our usual potluck dinner and celebrated June birthdays for Ann Poole and Janie Cummings. After dinner we played table games for a while.


The weather was still comfortable this morning so we congregated in the conversation pit for coffee and planning the day’s activities. We were surprised by a visit from Jim Siefert (a member of our chapter until he committed matrimony) and his wife Cecelia from Bandera.

Several of us went down to the Medina River. There were plenty of wildflowers but they were past their peak. The river was nearly full because of recent rains.

Tonight we had dinner at a little café next to the campground. The food was good and very reasonably priced and the service was excellent.


Again this morning, we congregated in the conversation pit but the temperature became uncomfortable earlier than the first two days.

I took a special photo of the ones in the conversation pit to enter into a contest conducted by David Peterson. He sends out a weekly newsletter with photography tips. In his last newsletter he requested that everyone take a photo at 10:30 local time of whatever they were doing or wherever they were. He wanted a snapshot of what was happening around the world at that particular time. The winners will receive some very nice prizes.

This afternoon we attended Open House at the Silver Sage Corral Senior Activity Center in Bandera. They were celebrating their 25th anniversary. They served refreshments, had live music and provided tours of the facilities. They also gave everyone a copy of their “Family Heritage Cookbook”.

They have a nice U-shaped building. On one side is a large room with a stage for entertainment and, one the other side is the kitchen and dining room. Along the front are several smaller rooms where they have arts and crafts classes and games. Between the two sections is a lovely little garden. Ethel took us on a tour of the facilities. She and Bruce volunteer several times a week at the center. (

I had ridden with Stuart to the open house. Afterwards, he stopped at a station to fill his fuel tank. Then we made a brief stop at the nearby Bandera County Courthouse so I could take some photos. It’s a pretty building.

Bandera County was organized in 1856 but used makeshift quarters for offices and courtrooms until this building was erected 1890-91. The style is the local version of the Second Renaissance Revival. The white limestone for the structure was quarried locally.

In front of the courthouse are several memorials, including a World War I memorial and a memorial honoring all cowboys. (After all, Bandera is the Cowboy Capital.) An especially interesting one is the Amasa Clark Memorial designed by local metal sculptor Charles Simmang. It honors his association with the Pioneer Freighters Association. It shows his head sculpted against the background of an ox team going over the trail at Tarpley Pass, near what is now Bandera. It is inscribed, "Erected by his comrades and friends, Sept. 14, 1927" with a list of the friends. The plaque was made after Clark died, Jan. 28, 1927, at 101, the last survivor of the Mexican War 1846.

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