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Got to the entry and we were the first ones to enter at 7 am...see pics. Climb not at all difficult and yes it took 2 hrs up and back & plenty of time on top. Evidence indicates this was occupied as early as 6th century BC. I would not doubt it could have even been much earlier, perhaps 6000-10,000 BC!

Back at Flower Inn we had a very fine brkfst, the lady of the house spoke excellent English and was very helpful, accomodating. From her place the the entrance is an easy walk as well. While we waited for the bus to Dambulla(transfer point to continue on to Kandy), Bon fed an elephant named Monica Lewinsky (25 yrs old) who gives tourist rides and is clearly suffering from being chained to a tree w/ little or no food, exhibiting neurotic behaviors - swaying, foot to foot...

We arrived and left(Dumbulla) and arr in Kandy by 3 then bus to Hatton which left promptly at 3:30 arr at 6. We were not clear as to where to stay and plans for tomor & onward travel were up in the air. We immed took a bus out of Hatton thinking we were headed to an old colonial plantation house for accomodations only to discover via a passenger's cell phone call ahead that they were full. Got off at the next opportunity and luckily caught another bus back to Hatton where a fellow helped us w/ tuk tuk driver to ck out another place - Ended up 6 km away and in an old plantation cum hotel...1st offered us a room for 2500 r. 2nd offer 1500 r. We explained that the driver had said it would only be 7-800 r.. "Oh yes, no hot water we do..." Finally got a room for 800 r., had a mediocre dinner and decided if it's not sunny we won't go see Adam's Peak tomor but instead head for Nuwara Eliya and a working tea plantation tour.

The people of S.L. continue to be very friendly and helpful tho sometimes we have difficulty w/ their English as they w/ ours - fellow on the bus kept asking Bon if English is what we speak in America, ha!

An Aside re Dumbulla:

It was raining when we arrived in Dumbulla so we made the mistake of thinking that since the caves, famous for their drawings albet quite recent, were so close to the bus station we'd go see them. We did not read the fine print on our triangle ticket however, which stipulates that the caves are not part of the price. This we found out after climbing a steep hill, in rain hiking wasting time & $$...actually, Bon suggested we read about the caves before we went but I said it might be more useful once we are looking at them...the LP clearly states as well that the caves are a separate entry fee!!! It was hot and humid so the rain was somewhat a relief!

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