Helen and Paul World Tour 2005/06 travel blog

View from Mt.Otto over Bariloche

After cold walk from the Teleferico we are rewarded with amazing views

Helen doesn't realise that once the picture is taken the snowball is...

Helen attempt's to rebuild a snowman - she is proud of her...

View of the Lake that Bariloche sits on

View out of the revolving restaurant at the top of Mt.Otto

Colourful Bariloche

Bariloche lake view

While Paul's feeling ill, Helen sups complimentary champagne on the bus!

Hooray - back to the mate drinking country of big juicy steak and fantastic wine!!

Arrived in Bariloche after a 5 hour bus ride across the border. The border crossing was very smooth with no problems at all.

Arrived to find Bariloche in the hands of some very grotty weather, however the place itself is very beautiful and reminds us both of a Swiss ski town (The town is actually a ski resort in the winter). There are many little cafes serving delicious hot chocolate, which we just had to try in order to keep ourselves thawed.

We took a trip to the top of Mt.Otto by Teleferico and reached just over 2000 metres high in 12 minutes - it definitely beat walking up.

The scenery from the top was beautiful and the pictures we took don't really reflect the beauty of it. It was however extremely cold, there was even snow at the top of the mountain. Our fleeces weren't thick enough to shield us from the cold weather so we opted to have a cappuccino in the revolving restaurant.

With the realisation that flights further south are very limited this time of year and that even with warmer gear to wear we would still be unlikely to do any trekking. We decided against the expense of buying coats in Bariloche (it was all ski gear anyway) and had a few days just lazing around the town drinking copious amounts of hot chocolate and red wine. Nice!! Also took the opportunity to visit the one cinema in town to watch the Da Vinci Code (El Codigo Da Vinci). The cinema was very old and smoking was allowed - is there anywhere in Argentina where smoking is prohibited?

We spent nearly a full day trying to juggle dates so we could come back for some skiing in the middle of June but the flights alone would have been near to $1000 each and we couldn't justify that.

Left Bariloche on Monday 22nd on a 20 hour bus ride to Buenos Aires, taking the Super Cama bus which basically means the chairs fold flat to make a bed and that they serve wine with your 3 course evening meal plus whisky or champagne afterwards.

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