Crescent Beach

Another view

Walk to the beach

Black Tail Deer

Cool old truck...we saw three red ones today..

Red truck number two...

The third one was a Dodge..

We had wonderful B-B-Q here...

The lavender is beginning to bloom.. awesome!!



I saw this big boy on top of one of the poles...

We also drove back up to Hurricane Ridge..but it was foggy..

This tame fella flew to our car, he almost landed on my...

I think he is a Gray Jay baby..

We saw a lot of waterfalls and snow


When we got to the top we could only see fog..

Fog and snow..

Deer in the fog..

Visitor Center at the top..

View going back down..

Black tailed deer

Our HUGE site in Sequim..

The trout pond view from our windows..

Our site from the other side of the pond..


Last one!

We have been doing a lot of relaxing since our arrival in Sequim. :-) It feels good to be in one spot and be able to do some home cooking etc.

We did manage a trip back to Hurricane Ridge, a drive to Crescent Beach and a quick tour of a few of the lavender farms.

Sequim is known as the lavender capital of North America. They are having a Lavender Festival in July with people coming from all over the country.

Our drive back to Hurricane Ridge was a foggy one, we didn't see a lot. We had a very tame bird fly to our car when we stopped, he almost landed on my arm. I was able to get close to him and take pictures, he didn't mind at all. I think he is a Gray Jay baby.

Our drive to Crescent Bay was much better with sun and no fog. We missed this incredible beach when we were here before. They have awesome campsites facing the water, but the prices are way out of our budget.

It is open to the public on one end and the campground side is a private beach. Just beautiful! I will let the pictures tell the rest of the story.

Check back later for more from Washington.

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