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We passed a beautiful cemetery with not one bouquet of flowers but...

Shortly after the first one, there was a second one decorated the...

A typical Tennessee road with the dappled light and welcome shade

This is a funny story about ordering a vodka on the rocks!

Mike had a friend to watch over him while we had lunch...

No rush to get on the road this morning. We knew we only had the 45 miles we couldn't do yesterday to get us to Crump. Yesterday we were going to go the extra 45 miles and in the end decided not to. After riding today, we both agree it was probably a good decision! We would have made it of course, but it would have taken us quite a few hours to do it, and we probably would have been pretty miserable.

It was a nice ride todday since we were fresh, nothing different than we have been doing for the last 3 days. We really appreciate the shade provided by the tree lined routes! Sometimes it is a wonderful canopy of green relief, sometimes we ride through the dappled light that peaks through the leaves, it certainly helps us last longer for the day! There hasn't been much of a breeze the past few days, we welcome the shade!

We did have to flag a car down a few times to get some advice on exactly where we were today! The roads have no street signs, sometimes the road just takes a natural turn in the road, but the name of it changes and there is no way to know that! I really have to use my odometer as a guide, but a few times we felt a little lost! Did we miss a turn? Is this the road we are supposed to turn on? No sign! No phone signal for GPS! One driver got out of his truck to help and we had a lovely chat! Never miss an opportunity!

Not much really going on today! Oh there was a funny story at lunch. I guess, it was funny at lunch. A Mexican restaurant Mike ordered a beer, they had a very abbreviated wine list, so I ordered a vodka tonic, why not? We were done riding for the day! She brought my drink, but it was not tonic, it was soda! Her reply was "well she told me that was how to make it"

Me: That's fine, but it is soda not tonic.

Her: "Well we don't have tonic then"

Me: Ok, well then I will just have a vodka on the rocks please

Her: Do you want to tell me how to make it?

Me; (rather surprised) Vodka on the rocks? Just pour the shot of vodka into a glass of ice!

Her: Like that? Fill it with Vodka(And she pointed to my rather large glass).

Me: No, do you measure your pour? Just pour the shot into a small glass of ice, and may I have some limes please.

She came back with shot glass with ice in it!! I couldn't believe it?? I had to laugh, didn't mean to be rude, but it seemed pretty simple even for the most inexperienced young waitress!

We did have a really good lunch there!

We are settled in for the evening, looking ahead, studying our maps and trying to plan ahead a bit.

It will probably take us another 6 weeks to get to Key West Florida, provided we have no major delays! It will be 3 months on the road so far on August 8, and we have done 3,889 miles to date! Still a long way to go!

Thanks for hanging in here with us!

Just a head's up, . .tomorrow Saturday we will be in Tishomingo State Park in Mississippi, and I would anticipate there will be no phone signal or internet service!

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