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Bob Mainor and Kitchen Crew

Lisa Tyler, Activities Director

'Patrick O'Harrigan' (aka Brian Brandenburg)

Brian Brandenburg Conducting Charades

Bob Olson and Wanda Coffelt

Volunteers, John and Jean Back

Volunteers, Mary Anne Naskrent and Paula Vezina

Lee and Diana Moren

Margie Calandra

Marjorie Schinke

Mary and Roy Deen

Rae Spake

Ron Green and Jean (friend from Canada)

Facility Director, Russ Johnson, and Solita Collard

Shirley and Waymon Sinclair

Tom and Patsy Gecke

Maureen Lynch

Decorations on Serving Counter Screen

Tonight we had a St. Patrick’s Day party in the CARE dining room and it was a lot of fun. The activities were coordinated by our Activities Director, Lisa Tyler, and resident Brian Brandenburg. Many of the people wore special St. Patrick’s-themed clothes. I wasn’t the only one dressed in ordinary clothes but at least I did wear a green top.

Lisa began the program with the game of Pictionary. Some of the words were very hard to illustrate, so the drawings were often hilarious. Whoever correctly guessed the word had to do the next drawing.

Next was the grand entry of 'Patrick O'Harrigan' (aka Brian Brandenburg). He danced and sang a funny song. Then, while he was being transformed back into Brian Brandenburg, Lisa had us do some more Pictionary words. When Brian returned, he led us in a sing-along of well-known Irish tunes.

The last game before refreshments was Charades, based on movie titles. Some of those can be very funny, too. Whoever correctly guessed the title had to do the next act. I did three of them: “Sound of Music”, “King Kong” and “Grapes of Wrath.” “Grapes of Wrath” was the most difficult one.

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