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Job Fair under way.

Allen, Melrose, myself and Charlie.

Allen, Melrose, myself and Charlie.

Charlie, myself, Melrose and Allen.

View out the window from the third floor.

Lovely room, all set up for diners.

Today at last the Job Fair on the sporting grounds is in full swing. It is still quite wet, but at last all the effort of setting up numerous gazebos is getting a payoff!! Hope the students get some great information about their future careers!

Melrose was going to come over and visit today, but had to finish off writing evaluations first, so I waited for that to happen. I tidied up, and then sat and waited for bookings to open for the next leg of our journey. There were two trains that I would be happy to take, and their bookings opened at 10am, but once again, immediately sold out!! At least this time I did not panic, as I understood that there would still be tickets somewhere!

And another train has bookings opening at 12.30, so I just have to hope for the best!

Melrose messaged me to say that she had been invited to have lunch with some Chinese guy from Zhaoqing University, and invited me to join them.

But when I went to have my shower, the water was cold, so I had to wait for it to heat up. And I suppose, because of the cold weather, the water is even colder than usual.

So, of course, by the time I got to leave home, I was already running late. I headed out, deliberating whether to take a bus or a taxi, but a #20 came by, so I took that. Melrose had sent directions to get to where we were meeting for lunch.

The Ming Cheng Holiday Inn is only a couple of minutes walk from her house, and I found it easily. Then I had to find them! There were at least three floors of restaurant dining. They were on the third floor, and they were easy to find, once I knew which floor to go to. The place was super busy, so must be very popular. Melrose said that she often sees tour buses stopping here.

We had two Chinese male friends. Allen studied in the UK, and teaches English at Zhaoqing University. Not at all sure how he does that, as his English is abyssmal. He cannot understand spoken English, and can hardly express himself. Charlie is a high school physics teacher, and speaks no English at all, but at least you do not have expectations of communication, and we connected on wechat and can communicate using the translate function there.

Over lunch, I remembered to check the train availability, and I was amazed to be able to book there and then!! Wow! Sometimes it is so easy, and then there are other times!!

We went back to Melrose's house after lunch, and the guys came up too, but they only stopped for a few minutes. I think they just wanted to see where and how foreigners live in China!! After they left, Melrose made me coffee, and we sat and chatted for a good while, then around 4pm I left for home. It was cold, damp, and I just wanted to be home.

This evening I booked accommodation in a hostel in Harbin. What it will be like, who knows, but it will be OK I guess. I use Hostelworld, and the ratings are good.

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