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just so I know what this is

logo should be compared to one at Kentucky Horse Farm

memorial garden

getting dressed

lots of live oaks

best seats - in the shade!

anthem was sung - show will begin!

look at that mane!

jumps up and loves applause

wow - all 4 legs off the ground!

They even have a pony!

Is this Giovanni?

Showing us some stuff

Going down!

Rolling over!

Going through maneuvers

All 5 Lipizzaners trained by women

Movie Clips - Playback Requirements - Problems?

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moving side to side

(MP4 - 3.65 MB)


(MP4 - 3.39 MB)


(MP4 - 3.52 MB)


(MP4 - 2.62 MB)


A big group of us went up north outside of Sarasota to see the Lipizzaner horses in training for their summer shows. This was quite a treat as I haven't watched them before and had no idea they were close by!

The Hermann family has been doing this for years and for some reason, the women became the trainers, not the men. We were given the history of the horses, how they came to America, how they were used in the wars, and more. It was all very interesting.

Watching them in action was fascinating and this trip was very worthwhile!

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