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Oasis Town in sandhills near Ica, Peru

Sandhills near Ica, Peru

David on viewing tower, Nazca Lines, Nazca, Peru

Lynn on viewing tower, Nazca Lines, Nazca, Peru

Thursday 12th June 2014

Pisco to Nazca, Peru

After breakfast in the hotel, we set off in the truck heading further south. After about an hour, we did shopping for food for the next few days at a supermarket in a large town. We then drove through sandy desert country away from the coast until we reached an oasis surrounded by sand hills where everyone else in the group went on a dune buggy expedition into the hills followed by sand boarding. We decided that we would walk instead to the top of one of the dunes that overlooked the oasis. This is a place where there are many places that cater to the sand boarding and dune buggy fans. There are also a number of hostels, hotels etc in this small place. First of all we had an ice cream and then set off up the highest dune. Once we reached the top of the first rise, Lynn walked along the top of the ridge up to the top of the dune - it was a very narrow ridge and she had to be careful not to lose her balance as there were steep (sandy) drop-offs each side. Once she was on the summit she walked along towards the downwards track on the other end. David hadn't want to walk along the edge so he walked down a little and then along a lower track and met Lynn at the other side. The dunes here are very extensive and you can see a long way. Once we had met up again we walked down (so much easier than walking up) to the truck and then had lunch. After lunch we drove on - still on the Pan American Highway - towards Nazca, where the world famous Nazca Lines are. There is a viewing platform on the side of the road, from where you can see some of these lines. We climbed up an observation platform (quite scary) and took some photos, after which we drove a short distance to the place we were camping for the night. Set up our camp in the grassy area in the gardens near the hotel rooms as the area where we were supposed to camp had goose crap everywhere and was pretty ordinary. After dinner we sat around and chatted a bit to our fellow passengers, then went to our tent around 9:30pm as it got quite cold. Today was cool and fine around 20C but in the evening was only about 11-12C.

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