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Wildflowers -- Near Fulton, Mississippi

Wildflowers -- Near Fulton, Mississippi

Wildflowers -- Near Fulton, Mississippi

May 21, 2012—Tupelo, Mississippi to Red Bay, Alabama

It was a nice easy trip of about an hour and half from Tupelo to Red Bay. It was raining a little bit this morning so I took my time getting around this morning. By the time I got on the road, it had cleared up. When I got here, there were a couple of coaches ahead of me. One was here for repairs, but they hadn’t filled out their paper work. The other coach was not a Tiffin, and they were here to tour the plant. They were assigned a parking spot, and they get a free night of camping with electric and water with the tour for which there is no charge. I got checked in, parked and checked on when they might get to my coach as I would like to tour the plant tomorrow. It will be in the afternoon, at the earliest, that they will get to me so I’m going to tour the plant tomorrow. I’ll get one night of free camping for the tour and will have to pay $20 for the other nights which fee includes electric, water and sewer.

Since I had to stay with the coach this afternoon so that they could come evaluate the work I want done, I didn’t do much. I did get a nice nap in. This evening, it rained really hard for about 20 minutes, but there was no wind so the coach didn’t leak.

I don’t know how long I’ll be here, but that’s all right. I don’t have to be anywhere by a specific time. I won’t be doing any running around while I’m here. I can stay with the coach while they do the work so I can see what they’re doing. AND, I can ask a whole bunch of questions that I’ve got stored up about things that I don’t know how to work such as the surround sound system, how to sanitize the fresh water tank, etc., etc.

One thing I can say, I have never seen so many Tiffin motor homes in one place before. They have about 100 campsites, and I’d say about half of them are occupied. I guess there are times of the year when all the sites are full, and folks are parked in the overflow area which has no services of any kind. They have 13 bays so they can work on that many coaches at the same time. It is quite an operation. Everyone I’ve talked to has lived up to the reputation that Tiffin has for excellent service so I’m anticipating smooth sailing.


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