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Another great day! We went to Syracuse, New York (Pronounced CEE-ra-KYOOZE) and visited with my mom’s cousins, Joe and Jody, and their kids – Noah, Zack, Kyla, Shimi, and Gali. Joe and two of his boys like Magic: the Gathering (a card game) and when I say they like it, they really like it! Joe had played since he was 18, and he must have thousands of cards! I sort of like Magic as well. So the kids showed me a version that’s online! (Note for people who also want it: it’s $10. Unless you have a credit/debit card, ask your parents!) I decided to download it, but it’s taking too long, so much data. Eventually, we made it to Niagara Falls, which, as it turns out, was in “Canadia”! (Yes, I wrote “Canadia”. I learned the nickname from my completely AWESOME drama teacher, Mr. Faso.) It was late when we got there, so we hit a sushi restaurant for a quick bite (which, as it turns out, was much more expensive than normal) Though in Canadian money is worth only 2 cents more than the American Dollar). Afterward we went to an awesome hotel called Sheraton-on-the-Falls. It was so cool! You could see the falls at night – and they were lit up in colors! It was amazing. Catch ya next time!

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