Alaska, the Last Frontier - Summer 2012 travel blog

both rigs

the rig at mile 0

ready to drive NW

driving the Kiskatinaw Bridge

Kiskatinaw Bridge

Peace River Bridge

moose warning

drive to Sikanni River

another view

As professional tourists we felt compelled to take ourselves and our rigs to the Alaska Highway sign and the mile 0 sign and take photos of every permutation and combination of ourselves and our rigs in front of them. Pretty corny, but it does feel like a momentous time as we begin the drive down the AlCan to Fairbanks.

A few miles down the road we turned off the modern road to drive a few miles of the original highway over the historic Kiskatinaw River bridge. This steeply curved wooden bridge could only support one rig at a time. A sign nearby noted that this 530 foot structure is the only original timber bridge built along the highway that is still in use today. An equally impressive but much more modern bridge took us over the Peace River through Fort St. John, which describe itself as the Energetic City. This refers to its booming economy based on oil, gas and hydroelectric power rather than it residents running around doing push ups. All this economic activity produces lots of revenue for the town and it looked like a nice place to live - in the summer. The oil and gas exploration, drilling and fracking takes place well off the road for the most part and if we weren’t reading The Milepost, we wouldn’t even realize that it was going on here.

This time when we saw moose warning signs we were rewarded with seeing a real moose as well. But I couldn’t get the camera fired up in time as we flew by. We have also seen coyotes, black bear and fox, but again, you’ll have to take my word for it.

We continued on to a campground on the banks of the Sikanni River. We are off the power grid and the campground generator struggles to provide us with 20 amps of power when we do best with 50. It’s impossible to cook dinner and brew coffee at the same time - a real imposition. But it’s great to be in this tranquil spot, watching the river flow by and hoping for more moose.

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